Credit: sing-me-a-song, Flickr

Credit: sing-me-a-song, Flickr

Obstreperous is a beastly sounding adjective that possesses an equally beastly meaning. Primarily, it is used to describe somebody who is noisy and difficult to control, though this can also apply to larger groups. In this way, a noisy, boisterous and uncontrollable crowd could be described as obstreperous.

Obstreperous can also be used to describe something that makes a lot of noise which cannot be controlled or stopped. A great example of this is a bird chirping obstreperously outside your window at an early hour of the morning.

Another meaning of obstreperous can be used to describe a person or group that is stubborn and resistant to control. For instance, a protesting group can be called obstreperous for refusing to move from the area they are protesting in, even if they are not protesting loudly. In this case, what is being described is their rebellious action of defiantly resisting control.

Several synonyms of obstreperous include clamorous, rowdy, disorderly, unruly and wild.


Example of  ‘obstreperous’ used in a sentence:
After throwing a tantrum in the supermarket aisle, the  girl was chided by her mother for her obstreperous behaviour.



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