Credit: Lisa Ferlazzo

Ineluctable is a seldom used adjective that conveys the inability of something to be avoided or escaped. In the family tree of words, it’s the less popular cousin of ‘inevitable’ who ineluctably sits in the corner unnoticed at family reunions.

Ineluctable is typically used to describe something that will definitely happen. For instance, the sun setting every day is ineluctable, as it’s something that cannot be changed or avoided (That is, unless you close your eyes and choose not to look).

Getting a bad mark for a test you didn’t study for is also ineluctable, as is requiring a filling (or 12) when your diet consists entirely of raw sugar.

Ineluctable can also be used to describe something that’s irresistible and inescapable. In this way, a mesmerising gaze could be said to be ineluctable if it draws you towards someone.

Several synonyms of ineluctable include unavoidable, inescapable, certain, unpreventable and irresistible.


Example of ‘ineluctable’ used in a sentence:
After they’d fought, an ineluctable bad mood permeated the room, settling upon them like a muffling blanket of snow.


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