Credit: Viernest, Flickr

Absquatulate is a beastly sounding word that describes the act of getting away or departing in a hurry. Who of us can say we have never absquatulated from an encounter with someone we didn’t like, whether it be a detested mother-in-law or that annoying friend we all seem to have?

The word can also refer to escaping a more urgent situation, such as fleeing from police after committing a crime, or being on the run. The key to the word is getting away rapidly, thus a thief or criminal rushing to ensure freedom can be said to be absquatulating from the scene.

Pronunciation can be tricky, but the most difficult sound is merely the word ‘squat’ with a ‘ch’ sound on the end: AB-SQUATCH-U-LATE.

Ability to seamlessly incorporate into every-day writing: 5/10 (challenging)

Example of use:
The vehicle accelerated rapidly as its driver attempted to absquatulate from the scene of the crime, hoping that his head start could ensure an eluded capture.

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