Credit: Diego3336, Flickr

Crepuscular is an adjective that has a few different definitions. However, its main meaning is related to the period of twilight, when the sun sets and the day begins to dim. The light at this time can be described as taking on crepuscular qualities, where the light lessens and night begins to fall.

The other meaning of crepuscular is related to animal activity that begins at twilight. This is the time of day when nocturnal animals emerge, hence some creatures such as bats, birds and insects can be crepuscular, becoming active only in the twilight period.

While the word itself can be seen as being beastly, with the words ‘cretin’ and ‘pus’ immediately being called to mind, crepuscular describes a beautiful time of the day, and the smooth ending of ‘ular’ reclaims it from being an ugly word.

Pronunciation is fairly simple, with the word being able to be broken down quite easily into four sounds: CREP-US-CUE-LAR.

Ability to seamlessly incorporate into every-day writing: 7/10 (moderately easy)

Example of use:
In the harsh daylight, the bat hangs gently upside down, engulfed within its own wings, with eyes shut tightly and a fierce anticipation for the sun to fall and the crepuscular light to arrive.

Credit: longhorndave, Flickr


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