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Expergefaction is something we all do every day, often reluctantly. The word refers to that dreaded moment of waking up, when one is roused from sleep. A person thus experiences expergefaction upon awakening and becoming conscious to the world.

Another form of the word, expergefactor, can be used to describe the cause of expergefaction. An example of an expergefactor is an alarm clock, or a loud noise in the night; anything that wrenches a person from their slumber.

The word itself is beastly, with its sharp, harsh beginning and multiple syllables. It also contains the sound of the word ‘purge’. Some could also deem the definition to be unpleasant as well, if awoken too early, or from a particularly good dream!

Pronunciation is simple, with no particularly difficult sounds: EX-PURGE-E-FACTION

Ability to seamlessly incorporate into every-day writing: 5/10 (Challenging)

Example of use:
Coffee: The morning drink of choice for those who still require a second expergefactor after crawling out of bed, allowing them to feel as if they have truly experienced a proper expergefaction.

Credit: osamukaneko, Flickr



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