Mordacious is an adjective that can refer to someone who has an overly biting, sarcastic and caustic manner of speaking. We all know someone with a sharp tongue who could be described as being mordacious! As well as being used to describe a sarcastic or caustic person, the word can also refer to anything that is biting and shows sarcasm, such as hurtful words. For instance, there can be such a thing as a mordacious sentence.

Its noun form, mordacity, is more commonly known, and it is not rare to hear claims of one’s mordacity, referring to a nature of expressing sarcastic, biting remarks.

The word can also mean being able to wound, hence something damaging or hurtful can also be mordacious. This is why someone who is mordacious is described as having a sharp, acidic, caustic or biting tongue; these are all words that hint at damage and danger.

The word can be pronounced without difficulty, with three simple syllables: MORE-DAISH-ISS.

Ability to seamlessly incorporate into every-day writing: 9/10 (Extremely easy)

Example of use:
She’d always tried to sugar-coat her caustic tongue, but anyone who had ever been on the receiving end of it knew she was undeniably mordacious.

Credit: Sirsnapsalot, Flickr

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