Credit: faith goble, Flickr

Omnifarious is an adjective which is dying out, but can still occasionally be observed referring to all varieties, kinds or types within a certain category. For instance, if one wants to refer to the wide range of knowledge that humans have the capacity to learn, they could use the term ‘omnifarious knowledge’, which encompasses all.

The word is similar to ‘multifarious’, however a difference does arise. While multifarious means many types, omnifarious refers to all types. This difference, though slight, can still be important. For example, you could refer to many breeds of dog, or all breeds of dog. The latter includes every possible type of dog, and not just a certain number of types.

Pronunciation: OM-KNEE-FAIR-E-ISS.

Ability to seamlessly incorporate into every-day writing: 4/10 (Hard-ish)

Example of use:
The girl had placed every fruit and vegetable she could think of in her basket, not caring at the way it was spilling out, aware only of her implausible yet burning intent to collect a basket of omnifarious vegetables.


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