Credit: premieroctobre, Flickr

Stertorously is an adverb that describes the action of someone who is snoring or gasping heavily. This is often a noisy act, disruptive to those around the source of the sound.

The word exists in noun form as a stertor, which refers to the snoring, gasping sound itself. Thus when a person is said to be breathing stertorously, it means their breathing is accompanied by this sound. Heavy snoring or breathing can also be described with the adjective, stertorous.

Pronunciation: STIR-TUR-ISS-LEE.

Ability to seamlessly incorporate into every-day writing: 8/10 (very easy)

Example of use:
The man was breathing so stertorously that his unfortunate wife, lying beside him,  knew she would not be able to sleep until it ceased.


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