Credit: NDomer73, Flickr

Malodorous is an adjective which is used to describe a smell or odour that is particularly unpleasant or offensive. Anything that gives off a stench and reeks putridly, such as garbage and rotting matter, can be said to be malodorous. An encounter with something as ill-scented as this can be unfortunate, but one can make the best of it in future by grasping the valuable opportunity to show off their newly learnt word, and exclaiming with pleasure, instead of screwing up their face in disgust, ‘what a malodorous smell!’

The word also has secondary meaning as something that is improper, such as a malodorous act that offends or shocks the public. Many a politician has been in the spotlight for a shocking reason, and whether the culprit be offensive words or scandalous actions, either can be deemed to be an example of malodorous behaviour.

Pronunciation: MAL-ODOUR-ISS

Ability to seamlessly incorporate into every-day writing: 7/10 (moderately easy)

Example of use:
As the skunk waddles along the icy ground, it pauses to raise its tail and spray a malodorous mixture of strong scent onto a spindly shrub, deterring predators with its distinctive stench.


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